Wireworm control in UK maize possible again

The EU suspension of Poncho (clothianidin) seed treatment on maize left growers without protection from wireworms but fortunately there is now an alternative option for 2014.

Following the suspension of imidacloprid products on maize in France, Bayer CropScience developed a thiacloprid-based seed treatment (Sonido) for the French market which also allowed treated seed to be imported to the UK. Bayer has now received approval for Sonido in the UK allowing seed to be treated locally giving greater flexibility.

‘It is now the only effective option that UK growers have for this damaging pest and has provided comparable control of wireworms to Poncho,’ says Peter Stacey, Seed Treatment Manager for Bayer CropScience UK. But he warns ‘wireworm control will always be lower in difficult conditions especially where soils are cold and wet during the early growth phase. Growers should always ensure they wait until conditions are favourable before planting crops.’ ‘Sonido is also not recommended for co-treatment with Mesurol (methiocarb) seed treatment so additional protection from bird damage may be required

Sonido can be used on maize seed intended for grain, silage or game cover at a maximum planting rate of 2.2 unit/ha (45,000 seeds/acre).

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