Campus is top UK-wide conventional oilseed rape

New oilseed rape Campus joins the East/West Region and the Northern, HGCA Recommended Lists as one of the top conventional varieties.

At 107% of controls in the E/W Region, it is joint top conventional variety for gross output and in the Northern Region at 110% no other conventional can beat it.

According to KWS UK oilseed rape specialist, Tom Dummett, alongside its high gross output, which comes from its a very high seed and oil yield, Campus’ stand out characteristic is it strong autumn growth.

“It is incredibly fast out of the blocks and in some cases better than a lot of hybrids in this respect,” he says. “This early vigour was clear from day one in our trials and why we selected it to go forward for recommendation across the UK.

“With twin 8s for standing power and stem stiffness on a strong, 1.5m height canopy, it goes on to produce a sturdy canopy,” he says.

“Campus has good disease scores with a 6 for light leaf spot and a 5 for stem canker, so suits all regions, giving a good level of resistance to both major diseases.

“It has also done well in trials where verticillium wilt is an issue,” suggests Mr Dummett. “At the two official trials where there is known verticillium wilt presence, it has always been in the top three for gross output.”

Chris Guest, seed manager with Gleadell a member of the Alliance group, sees Campus as a very exciting new addition to the Recommended List in both the E/W and N regions.

“It offers one of the best all round agronomic packages for growers looking for a conventional variety within their portfolio,” he says.
“It has an excellent gross output, including a high oil content which is vitally important particularly given the lower values we have seen for the end produce this season compared to last.
“Campus is a variety that is going to stand up and with verticillium wilt an increasing issue on farm, the results from trials in the presence of this disease are very encouraging,” he says.
KWS confirms that Campus is available through the Alliance group of companies, namely Daltons, Dunns, Gleadell, Hutchinsons, Pearce Seeds, Woodheads and Wynnstay.

The group says there is a good area of the variety in the ground for next harvest and expects to see Campus taking a significant market share in 2015 plantings.

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