Consistent high performance lists SY Harnas

Consistent high yields that have topped the four year average for oilseed rape varieties has seen SY Harnas added to the full national HGCA Recommended Lists for both the East & West and the North.

Over the four years of trials, SY Harnas seed yield has averaged 107.9% of the control varieties, with gross output in 2014 producing 109.3% of the controls.

This consistent combination of very strong seed yield, along with good oil content of the seed, offers growers real confidence in its performance every season, according to Syngenta Oilseed Rape Manager, Gary Jobling.

“In years when commodity prices are running high this combination adds up to earn valuable extra oil premiums per hectare,” he said. “But in seasons when the commodity value is lower, the strong seed yield of SY Harnas will be crucial to sustain profits.”

As the top hybrid in the 2014/15 Recommended List candidate trials, SY Harnas, delivered higher yields worth an extra £80 per hectare, compared to the average Candidate List control varieties.

Mr Jobling highlighted that the hybrid variety’s strong autumn vigour has already proven to help growers achieve excellent early establishment. “That can be extremely valuable, especially when crops are under high pest pressure without the protection of neonicotinoid seed treatment,” he added.

Trials in Lincolnshire have shown visual assessments of over 80% better ground cover with SY Harnas eight weeks after an early September drilling, compared to DK Cabernet, for example.

Mr Jobling also highlighted that good winter survival of the well-established crops has enabled rapid spring growth and early flowering with SY Harnas. Early flowering gives the crop the opportunity for prolonged photosynthetic activity that drives up the yield and oil content.

A robust disease resistance score of 7 for Light Leaf Spot will give added reassurance to growers in areas where the importance of LLS has been raised from ‘High’ to ‘Very High’.

“With very similar growth characteristics to Excalibur – in terms of crop height and stem stiffness to manage lodging and aid ease of harvest – SY Harnas makes a logical higher yielding replacement,” he said. “The excellent balance of agronomic features combined with economic potential gives a real opportunity to deliver consistently higher returns.”

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