Promising results in NIAB TAG trials for OSR candidate Arazzo

RAGT’s candidate hybrid oilseed rape variety Arazzo has been performing ‘strongly’ in HGCA and NIABTAG trials. It is the highest Gross Output variety in NIABTAG trials for the East and West regions. According to NIABTAG’s Simon Kightley, the results demonstrate that it has been “consistently high-performing with an improved performance in the 2014 harvest at 108 for Gross Output versus its 4-year average of 106.” .

In his most recent harvest report he said: “Among the hybrids, candidate variety, Popular, is top equal with Recommended variety, Incentive and these two are just ahead of Arazzo and SY Harnas. In general the shorter varieties and semi-dwarf hybrids have performed relatively poorly this season, with no obvious explanation. Into this mix I would also like to throw Anastasia, supposedly a northern variety but equal top in a series of NIABTAG local trials in England, which are largely showing the same pattern as HGCA trials.”

“From my observations in our trials, where it has been grown with a broad range of Recommended and candidate varieties, I would classify Arazzo as having very high gross output and yield potential despite only moderate oil content in the seed. It has shown very good early vigour and flowers early. Plants are medium tall, with good standing ability and the crop matures medium early.”

Simon Howell, RAGT’s Managing Director, added: “Arazzo’s early flowering and maturity are similar to Excalibur, it has performed well over the last four years with consistent yields across all trials sites.

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