Greenvale lets the sun shine in and counts the benefit

Greenvale, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh potatoes, has successfully installed more than 2,100 Solar PV panels across four sites which over 12 months will generate 425,642kWh of electricity – enough energy to power 104 homes for a year or to boil 16 million cups of tea.

The sites in Cambridgeshire, Berwickshire, Cornwall and Perthshire, however, will be using the generated power to quite different effect – to help run the packing lines where the 500,000 tonnes of Greenvale potatoes are packed for their customers every year. As well as generating electricity the solar panels save dramatically on the company’s Co2 emissions – an estimated 204,735kg – the equivalent weight of 174 Ford Focus cars.

The solar panels which were installed in collaboration with Cambridgeshire firm, Beechdale Energy Ltd, are part of Greenvale’s environment strategy which aims to reduce the company’s water use by 50%, Co2 emissions by 20% and eliminate landfill waste by the end of 2015.

Jo-Anne Baptie, Group HSE Manager for Greenvale, said: “It has taken a little under a year to complete this quite ambitious solar panel installation programme. The four sites are now looking forward to reaping the benefits of cutting their Co2 emissions significantly helping them to reach their target of 20% by the end of 2015. I am proud to be part of a business that takes its environmental responsibilities so seriously and which is prepared to make a substantial investment in green energy.”

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