Earning CPD Points with aafarmer.co.uk

Please read the following important information about our CPD modules service:

  • We provide a range of BASIS approved CPD training modules for completion on this website.
  • Once registered here you may complete any of our CPD modules at your leisure to improve your learning and potentially gain CPD points.
  • Information about successfully passed modules will be provided to BASIS on a fortnightly basis in order for any CPD points due to you to be officially allocated by BASIS.
  • If you have already completed a matching online CPD module in paper form (for example via a printed copy of Argonomist & Arable Farmer magazineyou will not earn additional CPD points by completing it again here online.
  • Within your aafarmer.co.uk CPD account we only provide a snapshot of CPD module activity conducted here, we do not provide information on your official CPD points score or points gained via other mediums.

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