New Sesvanderhave variety Jura is route to early sowing bonus

Newly-recommended Jura, the latest variety from Sesvanderhave, offers sugar beet growers the opportunity to gain extra yield from early sowing thanks to its low early bolting scores.

Early sowing of sugar beet seed extends the growing season by up to six or eight weeks and thus increases the crop’s yield potential. However, early sowing also increases the risk of bolters that can impair yield and hamper harvest. Therefore, when studying the British Beet Research Organisation’s Recommended List pay attention to both yield and the ‘Early Sown Bolters’ data.

As bolting is a response to stress and cold, it is important to look at the consistency of performance over the three years provided by the Recommended List.

“Bolting is a response to environmental factors, especially temperature,” says Sesvanderhave’s UK research and development manager Richard Robinson. “No variety provides a complete safeguard against bolting, but Jura’s score of just over 3,000 per hectare provides much greater assurance than other varieties with scores of two or three times that level.

“Including Jura in the mix of varieties sown will enable growers to capture that early sowing bonus yield with far more certainty of success.”

In addition, Jura has tolerance to Beet Cyst Nematode and resistance to Rhizomania. BCN is an increasing threat in the UK’s sugar beet growing areas. Jura provides tolerance without the depression in yield seen in earlier varieties.

“Our trials experience in the UK and the message we keep getting from growers is how important low bolting and consistent performance are,” says Mr Robinson. “That is why we continue to see a large part of the UK Sugar Beet crop sown with Sesvanderhave varieties, such as Firefly, Bloodhound and Aurora. It is also why proven performers like Cayman endure after seven years of recommendation whilst many others fade away after only a year or so.”


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