Hornet creates buzz in 2015 Recommended List

Hornet SESVanderHave’s new sugar beet variety on the British Beet Research Organisation’s Recommended List 2015 offers the highest yielding variety to date for UK growers.

The variety offers outstanding performance with a sugar yield of 101.9%; sugar content of 18.5% and a root yield of 101.5%.

“Hornet is the latest variety developed by SESVanderHave specifically for the UK market,” says Ian Munnery, General Manager of SESVanderHave UK. “It is the culmination of ten years of breeding trials and three years within the official national list trials. Looking at this data, what stands out is the consistency of the data for root yield and sugar content over the past three years.”

While rust resistance is good, the variety will still benefit from an effective spray programme to prolong root quality during a long campaign.

Hornet joins a number of other SESVanderHave varieties on the 2015 Recommended List. These include: Stingray, Cayman, Springbok and Lippizan which have all proved increasingly popular with UK growers in the past two years. All these varieties offer resistance to standard Rhizomania (Rz1) strains.

In addition, for the small number of growers for who the threat of Beet Cyst Nematode is a concern, SESVanderHave’s MONGOOSE offers BCN tolerance as well as standard Rz1 resistance.

“We are delighted to see our portfolio of varieties making a significant contribution to the BBRO Recommended List 2015,” said Mr Munnery. “It is recognition of the benefits for UK growers flowing from our investment in extensive UK trials and development which has helped growers deliver some record harvests over recent years.”

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