Agronomist & Arable Farmer offers a range of different advertising platforms, for any further information please contact James Ryan on 020 8057 8456 or

Super leaderboard banners (across the top of this website)
Super leaderboard banners are 970x90px in size. On smartphones a 300x250px MPU advert appears instead. Advertisers purchasing this position should provide both creative assets for their campaign.

MPU and rectangle banners (right sidebar or in-article)
Sidebar ads can be 300x250px in size OR 300x150px. Possible options for billboard ads at 300x600px are also available based on capacity. In-article ads are 300x250px in size.

Wallpaper ad units
This website can accommodate wallpaper adverts which appears in the outer edges of the website on screens larger than 1400px in resolution. Advertisers should request wallpaper templates from us in order to design appropriately positioned creatives (narrow and wide for automated display using our screen size detection technology).

General Information

  • Web ads with detailed images and lots of colours, such as photos should be exported as .jpg/.png – and should not be more than 80k in file size.
  • Web ads with just logos and solid colours should be exported as .gif/.png – and should not be more than 80k in file size.
  • Banners can rotate at timed intervals, this should be set up when designed and should be preferably supplied in the .gif format, although we can also take .jpg .png and .swf if this works better.
  • Your designer should be able to let you know which format is best for you, if in doubt send in both formats.
  • If your ad is a moving image this should be designed as a Flash file- and should you wish your ad to click through to a specific website this information will need to be embedded as the Flash is being created, we can also accommodate click tags. A working example can be provided if needed. We can also take animated .gifs, where the link can be added by us.
  • All web advertising should be sent at 72dpi