Garford to bring mechanical weeding range to Lamma

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20 years of mechanical weed control development experience will be on display at Lamma with Garford Farm Machinery showcasing its full range this year.

It includes the Robocrop Guidance System allows for accurate in-row and inter-row weed management, using cameras and image analysis to locate crops and guide the hoeing elements plus the 6m Robocrop Interrow Hoe, a 3m InRow Hoe and a 3m Step Back Frame Hooded Sprayer.

“Garford’s precision-guided mechanical weeders not only remove weeds, but also promote many advantages for both the soil and the crop plants,” explained Allan Knight, Garford Farm Machinery technical sales and marketing manager.

“A mechanical weeder will break up crusted and puddled top soil, promote the water retaining ability of the soil and microbial activity, thereby mobilising nutrients and N minerals.”

He added that a new study by NIAB indicates that hoeing can help to reduce the amount of chemicals used.

“As agrochemicals are withdrawn from the market, more and more conventional farmers are beginning to appreciate hoes as a more appropriate solution, in combination with other weed controls,” added Mr Knight.

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