Graindex revamp offers real-time trading insight

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Hectare Trading, the rebranded and enhanced version of their Graindex crop trading platform, will simplify and enrich crop trading the agritech business believes.

The upgraded package is designed to improve market access and insight, especially so that growers can take advantage of market highs while employed in fieldwork. The new features include live market insights, mobile access for the ability to trade anytime, anywhere and view their trading position. The crop quality confirmation feature ensures the authenticity of sellers through automated farm assurance validation.

Arable farmer and co-founder Andrew Huxham says the vision has always been to make life easier for those who keep agriculture moving. “Growers can expect a more efficient, secure, and easy-to-use platform that caters to the evolving needs of the industry.”

Jamie McInnes, CEO and co-founder of Hectare, added: “We are thrilled to launch Hectare Trading. Our intuitive, user-friendly app will offer live market insights and real-time trading position access, enabling farmers to make quick and informed decisions. Most importantly, Hectare Trading underpins our commitment to agriculture, helping to create a greener, more connected industry for the future.”

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