Sustainable support package announced

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A partnership between Cefetra and NatWest has been announced to reduce financial barriers for growers looking to adopt more sustainable practices.

The banking firm’s asset finance arm, Lombard, will provide financial assistance to farmers in the Cefetra supply chain through the Ecosystems Services programme, alleviating capital investments such as new equipment, as well as the costs of implementing sustainable practices.

James Neilson, Cefetra’s head of supply chain, said the NatWest collaboration would be tailored to the unique needs and opportunities within the Cefetra supply base.

“We recognise that moving towards regenerative agriculture is a significant step that often comes with financial challenges so our strategy can ease these economic burdens.

“In line with our mission to bridge the gap between consumer demand for sustainability and on-the-ground farming practices, this partnership is a key step towards empowering farmers.

“We are enabling them to adopt regenerative practices that are essential not only for soil health but also for ensuring long-term resilience and productivity in their farming operations.

“NatWest’s support extends beyond mere financing as it represents a vote of confidence in the sustainable future we are building and is a testament to our shared belief that economic growth and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.”

Ian Burrow, head of agriculture at NatWest, said: “The current challenges posed by an increasingly unpredictable climate mean the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices has never been more critical for the resilience of the farming industry.

“Working with Cefetra, NatWest is helping farming continue to be synonymous with environmental responsibility and economic sustainability.

“By building on the progress already made through the Cefetra Ecosystem Services programme, we look forward to forming a partnership which makes a meaningful difference not only to farmers but also to the wider society.”

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