Syngenta’s myFIELD app supports decision making

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Syngenta‘s new myFIELD app provides growers with instant access to crop-specific weather information and agronomy decision support tools.

myFIELD includes major developments to Syngenta’s highly popular BlightCast for potato growers and the Quantis Heat Stress Alert forecasting tool, designed to better time biostimulant applications in potatoes, sugar beet and maize crops.

Growers and agronomists can download and customise the free myFIELD for android and iOS phone, said system developer Ed Flint: “Simply downloading and registering MyFIELD will open access to detailed local weather information and warning risks selected to aid agronomy decisions. By adding in individual fields or cropping blocks, using the integrated Google maps tool, all the information received will be tailored precisely to the specific location and crops.”

Potato growers and agronomists, for example, can receive the latest BlightCast information that gives up to 14 days warning of conditions conducive to disease infection and development. The system can help growers to fine-tune in season blight protection strategies to specific pressures.

New for the 2023 season, the BlightCast App now enables users to personalise the parameters that trigger a near miss threshold, to tailor the system’s sensitivity to specific situations and their own risk requirements; the full Hutton period warning remains fixed at nationally recognised humidity and temperature conditions.

“Risks are clearly defined with an easy to interpret green, amber or red alerts, to aid growers’ decision making,” added Mr Flint.

The Quantis Heat Stress Alert tool notifies when heat events are forecast to trigger set parameters when crops suffer – in time to take action with preventative applications. Quantis application prior to heat events in potatoes, sugar beet and maize has consistently proven to protect crops from adverse effects and provide long-lasting resilience to recover faster

In addition to the live on-screen updates, growers and agronomists can elect to receive email alerts of impending blight risk or impending heat event periods.

Further Syngenta digital agronomy decision support tools for all crops will be added into the myFIELD App later this season and in future years. Growers and agronomists only need complete their registration details and field plans once, to be available for a tailored agronomy plan in future seasons.

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