20,000 Sencrop weather stations now in operation on European farms

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Five years after launching its first connected agri-weather station, providing farmers with ultra-precise and ultra-local data for temperature, humidity, wind speed and rainfall, Sencrop has sold its 20,000th station in Europe.

Putting real-time weather information in the hands of farmers to allow them to refine their sowing, irrigation and crop protection plans, Sencrop’s solution has proved its worth as an agro-ecological transition takes hold across European farming.

In January 2019, Sencrop secured its second round of funding raising US$10m to accelerate its growth in France and expand internationally. It proved a successful bet for investors when the milestone of 10,000 stations was reached in March 2020.

And the rise in power continues as, one year later the network of stations has doubled again with the installation of the 20,000th station in Lower Saxony, Germany, confirming Sencrop’s status as the European leader in on-farm weather intelligence.

From French roots, Sencrop’s connected weather stations have quickly gone international. In 2017, they were exported to Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. By the end of 2019, they were present in 14 European countries. That same year, they also set course for South Africa, and the stations now have a presence in more than thirty countries, with international sales accounting for one-third of 2021’s station sales.

Martin Ducroquet and Michael Bruniaux, co-founders of Sencrop, said: “When we created Sencrop, we wanted to contribute to the development of a more sustainable and efficient agriculture. Five years later, we are delighted to see that our application is now used by 18,500 farmers.

“More than half are shared within a private network, showing the value of data co-operation beyond the traditional farm boundaries.”

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