ALS inhibitor Sumir authorisation widened

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The ALS inhibitor herbicide Sumir has received authorisation for joint application with a wider range of products.

It can now be used with Boudha, Broadway Star, Dakota, Ergon, Hamlet, Hiatus, LAYA, Nautius, Savvy Premium or Spitfire, or with one of the products previously authorised on the label.

It is a reverse-engineered formulation of Boxer to control annual broad-leaved weeds in cereals, including cleavers, chickweed, mayweed and volunteer oilseed rape, as well as volunteer beans in cereals.

“ALS herbicides have been used as the mainstay in cereal crops due to their efficacy and the broad spectrum of weeds controlled, even at larger growth stages, which will prove vital this spring as many crops haven’t received any previous herbicide applications due to the weather, so they offer a really useful option,” said Ruth Stanley, country manager for Life Scientific UK & Ireland.

She added that due to the high level of activity, ALS products must be used in small doses, with stringent regulations on their use, especially when mixed or used in sequence with another ALS inhibitor herbicide.

“Any joint applications must be approved by CRD and products, not active ingredients, must be specifically named on the label. Any joint application must comply with all directions for use or restrictions for each product label, and users must ensure that the products are authorised for use on the crop.”

She concluded that the correct application is the key to success. “Use the correct dosage, take care not to overlap or clean out spray equipment in the crop and overdose and always wash out with an approved tank cleaner after application.

“This recent authorisation reflects our approach in offering high quality off-patent crop protection products to market with the goal of providing customers with better options to meet their plant protection needs.”

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