Arable Chat Episode 12: Farming sustainably and what you gain

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Host John Swire looks at two different ways farming sustainability can be achieved and what benefits that can have for both the environment and farm themselves in this months episode of Arable Chat.

Joined by two guests, John brings you all the latest news and important industry conversation.

Soil Capital’s , Andrew Voysey talks with John about quantifying carbon improvement and how to monetise it through the first certified carbon payment programme for farmers as well as busting some carbon myths.


Whilst second guest, David Booty of Omex, discusses the benefits of NitroShield, OMEX’s innovative new urease inhibitor used to reduce ammonia emissions and farm more sustainably as well as improving efficiency and application, plus there might just be some yield boosts?

Find out in this latest episode now available on all podcast streaming platforms or listen here.

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