Biostimulant brand seeks partnership with regenerative farmers

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A seaweed-based biostimulant brand is looking to work with regenerative farmers following a wave of interest from the sector at the start of the year.

Marcus Palmer, the UK importer and distributor of Algifol, wants to establish field trials with regenerative farmers in 2023.

The move follows a rise in enquiries from farmers saying they want to apply biostimulants as part of their regenerative techniques.

“We had several phone calls and emails in January from farmers wanting further information about Algifol and its benefits as part of a sustainable approach to agriculture,” says Marcus. “Algifol is produced by Neomed Pharma in Germany, and they have undertaken a considerable amount of research around the world to document its positive effect on a wide range of crops. One area they are yet to look into is regenerative farming within the UK, so we decided to take this on.

“We’d like to hear from regenerative farmers who are willing to apply Algifol to their crops and work with us to gauge its effect. We will supply the Algifol they need free of charge, so there’s nothing to lose.”

Dried and refined brown algae

Algifol is derived from brown algae, which is dried and refined. The result is an entirely natural liquid boasting a wealth of trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, polyuronides and growth-regulating plant hormones.

Neomed Pharma says Algifol is also a natural nitrogen source due to the high presence of amino acids and peptides. This makes Algifol ideal for combined use with reduced amounts of N fertiliser. When used with a reduced amount of fertiliser, Algifol naturally improves the nitrogen use efficiency of the crop, producing a better yield and reducing the use of costly fertilisers.

Sales of Algifol increased by 33% in 2022, fuelled partly by the rising cost of fertilisers and partly by a growing number of farmers looking for natural ways to boost their crops’ resistance to extreme weather conditions and increase yield and quality.

Algifol is available in one litre (£21.99+VAT) and 10-litre cans directly from Marcus via his website – Discounts are available for larger quantities which can be supplied to both growers and agrochemical companies for inclusion in their fertiliser and biostimulant blends.

Regenerative farmers interested in partnering with Marcus should email or call 07702 293 727.

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