A new solution for broad leaved weed control in cereals

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Pixxaro EC is a new broad-leaved weed herbicide based on innovative chemistry. It is the first molecule in over 20 years to be launched in the UK to provide a new level of dependable and flexible weed control from spring applications to all cereals.

Pixxaro EC is based on the innovative active ingredient Arylex Active (halauxifen-methyl) developed by Dow AgroSciences and registered in the UK in 2015. The new product also contains fluroxypyr, the tried and trusted active substance in Starane.

Together these two ingredients offer growers reliable control of a very wide range of broad-leaved weeds across a range of weather conditions and timings. In particular, it will deliver robust control on key weeds such as poppy, fumitory, fat hen, cleavers and chickweed.

In trials, Pixxaro EC has outperformed sulfonyl-urea products against dead-nettle, fumitory, fat hen, cleavers, fumitory and volunteer beans.

“Based on our trials, Pixxaro EC will set new standards for both weed control in terms of flexibility and reliability,” says Dow AgroSciences cereal herbicide specialist Stuart Jackson.

In terms of its flexibility, Pixxaro EC can be used on all varieties of winter and spring wheat and barley as well as triticale and durum wheat. It can be applied from GS13 right up to GS45. Crop safety has been shown to be excellent even in tough conditions. With no ALS chemistry in the product, there are no restrictions on tank mixing or sequencing.

Excellent multi-way compatibility allows Pixxaro EC to be used with a wide range of graminicides and fungicides to reduce the busy spring workload.

“It all adds up to the one product you need in the store,” says Mr Jackson. “Regardless of weather or crop growth, you can be certain that you will have the opportunity to apply Pixxaro EC.”

Recommended application rate is 0.5 litre/ha plus an adjuvant in 100-200L/ha of water using a medium spray quality through a range of nozzle types.

Pixxaro EC is the first of a number of innovative products that will be based on Arylex Active.

“Applications for Arylex Active are being developed globally in a range of crops,” says Mr Jackson. “In other parts of the world, user experience has shown that this active ingredient is setting new standards for weed control. Now, it is available for UK growers to try for themselves.”

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