ARGOS First Fogging in the UK

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The very first application of ARGOS® sprout inhibitor for stored potatoes was applied recently to an ambient bulk store of over 2000 tonnes of Arsenal potatoes grown for a crisping potato processor by farmer Robin Griffiths, with excellent results.

The potatoes were grown without the use of maleic hydrazide because of the relative short storage required but break of dormancy meant that action was needed.  The store was at 12 degrees C for the operation, which was carried out by Superfog, one of the UK’s largest fogging contractors. Andrew Wagstaffe, Director of Superfog (2020) Ltd, was very satisfied with the performance of the orange oil. “Initial impressions of using ARGOS are very positive. ARGOS runs through the machine well and produces a good dry fog. Early results are extremely pleasing.”

Penetrates well

Store Manager, Andrew Marsh, was also very happy with the operation and the results- ‘’ARGOS produces a very light and dry fog that appears to penetrate the stack very well. The citrus smell was quite mild after inspecting the store after approximately 60 hours, and the speed of activity was impressive. On the back of what I saw with orange oil, I changed plans for a second store that already had one application of an alternative product, so those potatoes will also get ARGOS to help knock back the sprouts.’’

It’s very early in the sprout control season but the early indications are that ARGOS will be a very welcome addition to the limited options available to growers.

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