Arysta LifeScience expands product portfolio in Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia

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Arysta LifeScience recently expanded its BioSolutions, plant protection and plant growth regulator products offering for variety of crops including fruits, vegetables and grapes in Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia. Arysta also opened a new subsidiary in Zagreb, and has staffed its Adria Region operations with a BioSolutions expert and registration professionals who cover the entire region.

“The biggest challenge for growers in Adria countries is the climate,” says Damir Tomasevic, Arysta LifeScience director for the Adria Region. “Application of our biostimulant range of products helps crops to recover from spring frost at this period of the year. Our biocontrol portfolio, integrated into current crop protection systems, will support local farmers in low residue production and thus provide unique opportunities for its commercialization to both local and export markets.”

In Croatia, Arysta introduced Carpovirusine® EVO2 and Atonik® for stone fruit growers. Carpovirusine EVO2 (Cydia pomonella granulovirus) provides natural protection against Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit Moth, while preserving beneficial insects and leaving no residues. Atonik, based on synthetic nitrophenols, improves plants’ tolerance to spring frost, reducing plant mortality and promoting bud formation for the growing season. Atonik, a product of OAT Ltd., is also effective on oilseed rape and sugar beet. Arysta has also introduced Royaltac® (1-decanol), a plant growth regulator, that controls sucker growth in tobacco, and Spirox® (spiroxamine), a systemic fungicide that controls Powdery Mildew on grapes.

In Slovenia, Arysta introduced Forthial® and Rooter® Ascophyllum nodosum-based biostimulants. Rooter increases root and plant growth, providing better resistance to abiotic stress caused by  drought and harsh overwintering conditions. Rooter also promotes nutrient uptake, providing an additional source of phosphorus and potassium, which are critical to root development. Arysta also introduced a post-emergence systemic herbicide, Kalimba® (dicamba), that is effective against a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds in maize and sorghum.

In Macedonia, where vegetables cultivation covers 50,000 hectares (ha), vineyards cover 25,000 ha, and fruits account for another 11,000 ha, Arysta has launched Vacciplant®, BM86® and Goteo®. Vacciplant is a biocontrol product based on laminarin, which provides natural protection against a wide range of diseases, including Scab and Fire Blight, and leaves no residues on the harvested produce. The product is also a valuable tool for pathogen resistance management. BM 86 is an Ascophyllum nodosum-based biostimulant, which provides better fruit-setting and differentiation of ‘king’ fruitless, limits flower drop and increases fruits top size categories due to better reproduction physiology. Goteo, an Ascophyllum nodosum-based biostimulant, promotes more effective uptake of nutrients and water from the soil and activates plant nutrition pathways in vegetable crops. This influences better rooting, which is key to surviving unfavorable growing conditions, while increasing root length and an overall plant biomass weight.

“Growers in Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia who want more information about these newly introduced products are invited to contact Ivan Havaic, Marketing Manager at Arysta LifeScience at” Tomasevic adds. “Arysta and its distribution network in the Adria Region stand ready to work with growers to improve the quality and quantity of their yields this season.”

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