Dow launches Starane Hi-Load to save time and money

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Dow AgroSciences is launching Starane Hi-Load at LAMMA 2015. The innovative formulation provides all the established performance of Starane in a concentrated form.

This new highly concentrated formulation of fluroxypyr will treat nine hectares per pack, saving both time and money for sprayer operators and farmers.

The key to the new product’s success is an innovative, highly concentrated formulation containing 333 grams of active ingredient per litre. Not only will sprayer filling be less time consuming, but there is also less packaging to rinse. Available in a 10 litre PET pack with a self-seal cap, new Starane Hi-Load has no foils to dispose of thus both can and cap can be recycled together. All these benefits will save time and money so that the farmers can spend more time on what matters on the farm.

Starane Hi-Load provides exactly the same dependable performance as Starane. It provides robust control of chickweed, cleavers and other broad-leaved weeds in the spring/late season period in spring and winter cereals. Recommended crops have been extended to include spelt and grass grown for seed. In addition, triticale may now be sprayed up to growth stage GS39. Starane Hi-Load will provide consistent control year on year, so farmers know just what to expect.

This non-ALS chemistry has no known resistance to any species it controls and has no sequencing or following crop restrictions. It is rain fast within one hour. Starane Hi-Load offers an extensive range of tank mix options to make the most of the product’s time saving benefits.

The average dose rate for Starane Hi-Load is 0.45 l/ha compared to 0.75l/ha for Starane 2/Gala. Water volume specified on the label is 200-400 l/ha but is supported down to 80 l/ha with a five metre aquatic buffer zone, which can be reduced by using low-drift nozzles/ reduced dose rate where appropriate.

“Starane Hi-Load is another step in our commitment to deliver at least one new product a year to the UK market,” said Toni McEwan who manages Dow AgroSciences UK cereal herbicide portfolio. “For farmers who have used and relied on Starane 2 or Gala in the past, the new product offers a real solution to controlling broad-leaved weeds with the extra benefit of saving time and money in the spraying operation.”

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