Efficient potato planting helped by new Nemathorin Granupac

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New packaging for Nemathorin nematicide granules has been designed to make handling and use cleaner and more efficient during the busy potato planting season.

The new Granupac features ergonomically moulded handles that will make filling hoppers mounted on potato cultivation and bed forming equipment easier for operators. The more robust design also eliminates stacking rings that were vulnerable to damage on the existing Nemathorin Surefills.

Syngenta Customer Technical Adviser, Caroline Linsdell, highlighted growers will start to see the Granupac introduced on farm during the 2023 planting season, although some Nemathorin Surefills may also be initially supplied.

“The Granupac is fully compatible with the adaptors fitted to virtually all machines using existing Nemathorin Surefills, with no modification required,” she advised.

Ongoing commitment

“This significant investment in the new packaging reinforces the ongoing commitment to Nemathorin availability for growers over the coming years, as well as the long-term safe and responsible stewardship of the product,” reported Ms Linsdell.

The Granupac has been extremely well received in trials by growers, operators and the Nemathorin distribution chain.

“Growers commented on the ease of opening the new Granupac using a ring pull, with no need for pliers to cut cable ties. They could also see the flow of the product through the container as it was emptying, which was also a positive for them. It is a far more robust pack for Nemathorin fror future seasons,” she added.

Each Granupac has been designed for up to six seasons of collection and refilling, to minimise packaging waste and carbon footprint for growers. Ms Linsdell highlighted that the pack’s base will be a different colour each year that will enable packs to be rotated and replaced accordingly during the product manufacturing process, but that it has no implications for use on farm; the colour of the base relates to the shelf life of the Granupac and not the product itself.

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