Extension of expiry date extends spring spray opportunities for Avadex Granules

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The recent extension of product expiry date for Avadex® Excel 15G granules until the 31st of December 2015 has widened the window for spring spray opportunities next year, points out Dr Dominic Lamb of Gowan.

“This recent extension means that the current Avadex on the market with the MAPP number 12109 must be sold and placed on farm by 31st December 2015. Growers must use this product by 31st December 2016. This product (which will be all of the product available this year) will have the full crop listing including winter wheat, winter and spring barley, winter rye, triticale, spring beans, peas (vining, dried and seed), forage legumes, sugar beet, fodder beet, red beat and mangels. It also has a number of EAMU’s for spring wheat, winter and spring oilseed rape, winter and spring linseed, lupins, broad beans and canary seed,” he advises.

So growers who want to use Avadex in spring crops such as spring wheat or sugar beet will need to plan forward and purchase product from their distributor for delivery before the end of December this year, says Dominic.

“Many growers have adopted more spring cropping in order to satisfy the Three-crop rule as well as a method of reducing difficult black-grass populations. Avadex has forged an important position for itself in programmes to help control black-grass as well as to control rye-grass and wild-oats in both winter and spring crops.”

Dominic says that product with the new MAPP No 16998 will replace the current one in 2016 and details of the new label and approvals will become available then.

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