Fusaria and T3 timing video guide

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The T3 timing is just as narrow as T1 or T2. That’s the warning to growers from Bayer CropScience. To help illustrate this importance and the threat from the Fusaria species the company has produced a video guide for growers.

Commercial Technical manager Tim Nicholson says targeting of sprays is just as important at GS63-65 as it is at GS32 and GS39. “You’ve really only got a window of about 6-7 days. If you want to protect the ear you have to hit early to mid-flowering.”

Either side and trouble is in store he cautions. “If you’re too late then you won’t get any kick-back against the Fusaria present, too early and then the ear might be unprotected at the later stages flowering,” he notes.

The other similarity with T1 and T2 is azole dose. “I would recommend a minimum dose of 150g/ha of prothioconazole (0.55 L/ha Proline275) to provide effective protection and persistence,” he advises. To see video scroll down

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