New ferric phosphate molluscicide approved

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De Sangosse, the European leader in slug control products, has received regulatory approval for a ferric phosphate-based molluscicide. The new pellet, which will be available to growers this autumn, will carry the brand name ‘Ironmax Pro’. It contains 3% ferric phosphate.

De Sangosse commercial manager Simon McMunn said the pellet would offer the same high level of performance demonstrated by other De Sangosse products.

“Ironmax Pro has been several years in development and we have gone to great lengths to ensure it matches the performance offered by our leading metaldehyde pellets. It completes the toolbox of slug control options from De Sangosse and means those growers seeking a high-quality alternative to metaldehyde have a proven option from a renowned manufacturer,” he says.

“Across all metrics – palatability, persistence and ballistics – Ironmax Pro offers the same best-in-class performance as our metaldehyde pellets and as a result [it]will carry the TDS badge, the mark of pellet performance,” he adds.

The new pellet will sit alongside the established metaldehyde products that make up the De Sangosse range of molluscicides.

“De Sangosse is firmly committed to continuing to manufacture and supply professional molluscicide products based on metaldehyde in the first instance. This has been the focus of our work in supporting new approvals in the European Union on metaldehyde over the past 10 years. We have invested significant sums in supporting metaldehyde and, to date, are the only pellet manufacturer with new Annex III approvals (in two zones).

“Our position with respect to ferric phosphate is focused primarily on the UK market. Further restrictions on the use of metaldehyde may be introduced in the coming years, consequently we see the approval of a new ferric phosphate-based product as an important step in providing the UK’s farmers with an alternative means of control,” he adds.

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