Phytobac partnership deal brings easier access for UK growers to innovative technology

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Bayer’s innovative Phytobac system which helps manage spray residues safely and effectively will be easier for UK growers to access, after the company signed a partnership deal with Dutch supplier Beutech. 

Through its UK distributor Intershape, Beutech will offer a modular system of almost ready-to-use pre-assembled units, which can be joined together to create a customised solution. 

Filling and cleaning of sprayers requires care and attention to make sure residues from plant protection products do not enter water courses either via surface water or drains. The Phytobac creates a closed system in combination with a filling and cleaning area to help reduce this risk, explains Alice Johnston, Bayer’s application and stewardship co-ordinator. 

“The Phytobac principle is based on a biobed. A sturdy, impermeable container either made from plastic or from concrete is filled with soil and straw, and bacterial activity breaks down the pesticide residues, while the remaining water evaporates.” 

The most important difference between a Phytobac and other biobed or bioremediation systems is the design as a closed system, so no liquid is discharged, says Henk Wierenga from Beutech. “A closed system ensures optimal safety in case of a spill (higher concentration) and with pesticides that are known to lock onto organic matter less rapidly or need more time for degradation. No effluent, no pollution risk.” 

The Beutech Phytobac is fitted with a soil moisture sensor and fully automatic irrigation controls. Combined with the patented drain-return principle this allows the grower to keep the evaporation and degradation condition at optimal level, whatever the weather conditions are, he adds. 

“The substrate-beds, buffer tanks and pump sump are pre-assembled and can be delivered in almost ‘ready to use’ conditions and are easy to connect to each pesticide handling area. Using Beutech Phytobac standard modules saves the customer time, planning effort and risk.” 

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