Two brand new molecules from Dow AgroSciences approach the UK market

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While there is growing concern on the reducing number of crop protection products, Dow AgroSciences is previewing an active ingredient that will power the next generation of broad-leaved weed herbicides. Designed to specifically meet UK market needs, this new class of herbicides will be the first output of Dow’s strong development pipeline.

Dow AgroSciences has a long heritage in producing innovative breakthroughs for UK agriculture. The current catalogue includes iconic brand names that have stood the test of time over decades, such as Dow Shield®, Kerb® and Starane®. Now a new active ingredient – Arylex® Active – is set to revolutionize this market again. From a new class of chemistry Arylex® Active will provide a backbone for future broad-leaved weed herbicide solutions meeting all the requirements of UK Agriculture.

“We are very proud of what Arylex® Active will bring to farmers striving to meet the demands of operating in modern agriculture,” said Alex Nichols, cereal herbicides marketing manager for Dow AgroSciences UK. “With a wide spectrum of weeds controlled, no rotational implications, outstanding reliability in the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions and no cross-resistance, it is easy to get excited by its strengths.”

Dow envisages Arylex® Active will be the basis for a new range of herbicides that will marketed in formulated mixtures which have been devised to meet the specific needs of UK cereal growers.

“Arylex® will be one of the first active ingredients to progress completely through the new European registration system and we are confident that the active ingredient will play a long term role in weed control within UK agriculture,” said Dr Nichols.

“We hope the first products containing Arylex® Active will be available during 2016. They will offer three key benefits: First, a very wide spectrum of weed control. Second, effective control under a wide range of climatic conditions. Third, very high levels of crop safety to treated and following crops. All things considered we feel products based on Arylex® Active will provide simple, convenient and effective control to broad-leaved weed control in cereal crops.”

Also being developed for the UK market is a brand new insecticide active ingredient. Isoclast® Active is from a new class of insecticides and will offer control of sap sucking insects, such as aphids, in a wide range of crops. Key features will include no-known cross resistance to other insecticides together with a favourable profile on beneficial organisms.

“As with herbicides, we have a long tradition of dependable insecticides, particularly Dursban®,” said Dr Nichols.

In 2014, Dow AgroSciences announced that globally it had the strongest pipeline of future products in the company’s history. Arylex® Active and Isoclast® Active are the first fruits emerging from this development pipeline for the UK market.

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