Data shows UnivoqTM fungicide outperforms Revystar® XE for second year running

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New data from cereal disease trials carried out in 2022 has shown that Univoq, the latest cereal fungicide from Corteva Agriscience, has demonstrated a superior yield return in comparison to Revystar® XE for the second year running.

In two separate pieces of work – one by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), and one by Corteva – carried out across the UK, Univoq’s advantage is calculated at being worth £60/hectare to growers, assuming a wheat price of £250/tonne.

Corteva’s Cereal Fungicide category manager, Mike Ashworth, said the findings mirror the results seen from similar trials in 2021, as well as the work carried out during development of the unique active.

“What we’re seeing is consistency across two very different years in terms of weather conditions and disease pressure,” Mr Ashworth said.

“In 2021 we had a high disease pressure year, and we know that Univoq’s major strength is septoria control, so it gave the fungicide the chance to really show what it is capable of.

“We saw a strong yield response then, and that has continued in 2022 which was an extremely hot, dry growing season for the vast majority.”

Corteva carried out plot trials at 42 sites and found that in 36 cases, Univoq outperformed Revystar® XE in terms of yield. It compared Univoq applied at 1.25l/ha to Revystar® XE at 1l/ha – rates which are comparable in terms of the cost to a grower.

AHDB’s independent annual work comparing fungicide performance across all main UK arable crops showed a similar advantage for Univoq at a range of application rates.

Launched in 2021, Univoq is targeted at the T2 fungicide timing and delivers a powerful combination of curative and persistent protection against septoria plus a broad spectrum of other diseases, including rusts.

Containing the InatreqTM active molecule and the patented i-Q4 formulation, Univoq has a unique site of action, meaning there is no cross resistance to any other chemistry used on farms today.

Best practice application advice

During 2022 some complaints were received from sprayer operators who used Inatreq in the UK and Ireland, relating to the failure of some parts – principally anti-drip mechanisms.

Following an extensive investigation and testing, Corteva issued detailed best practice advice for growers using products containing Inatreq active in 2023.

“There is a clear benefit to using Inatreq, both in terms of disease control and yield response, and the best practice advice we have set out will help growers get the most out of what is an extremely robust, effective product,” Mr Ashworth said.

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