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An entirely new version of the popular Syngenta Spray Assist App continues to advance spray application advice and techniques. Existing and new users are advised to download the upgraded version now.

Along with a new look for easier spraying forecast guidance, the addition of a novel nozzle drift risk calculator enables operators to instantly evaluate the drift risk rating from any nozzle, according the to the pressure at which it is being operated, reported Syngenta New Farming Technology application specialist, Harry Fordham.

“The simple slide-bar calculator enables them to see the effect of pressure on the droplet spectrum produced for any individual nozzle, and hence the susceptibility to drift and the safe working parameters for the conditions.”

Mr Fordham outlined that operators need to be aware that a nozzle with a 3* LERAP rating, for example, may only achieve that up to a certain pressure. “The calculator clearly shows the impact if you move out of that optimum pressure.”

Harry Fordham

The droplet spectrum may also be important to optimise leaf coverage or penetration into the crop canopy, according to the desired target zone for the application.

“Using Spray Assist will help to select the most appropriate nozzle for any application,” he advised. The new version includes a quick and easy new ‘Nozzle search’ function to explore the huge database of information.

The App’s upgrade has also seen a shift to a new platform, as part of the Syngenta Protector digital initiative to develop powerful agronomy tools for future crop management.

By integrating with Syngenta’s Protector initiative operators will be able to manage information on separate blocks of land more easily, as well as link spraying advice with other crop management and agronomy decisions. Spray Assist can still be operated as a stand-alone App.

Farmers already taking part in the Syngenta Protector pilot initiative will also be able to integrate Spray Assist alongside their working platform.

Existing users of Spray Assist will receive a Syngenta email with a simple one-click option to provide permission for their existing information to be migrated across automatically, or reinput their details as required.

New users can now download the latest version of Spray Assist for free, to set up and start to use the advice within minutes.

The Syngenta Spray Assist App provides guidance for:

  • 16 different crop types
  • Over 45 application timings and targets
  • More 10 leading nozzle manufacturers
  • Over 600 different nozzle types


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