Farmplan: Gatekeeper launches major integration update with CLAAS

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Farmplan, the UK’s leading agricultural software specialists, has released a Gatekeeper update that delivers improved integration with CLAAS machines that utilises wireless data transfer for enhanced functionality and efficiency. The download became live and available to all Gatekeeper users on Tuesday 6th July.

“This development reflects the importance of integration between our respective systems,” says Ben Hatton, Head of Sales at Farmplan. “CLAAS have been a longstanding partner and we are delighted to bring the benefits of this relationship to our mutual customers.”

Ben Hatton

Farmers, growers, agronomists, and advisors across the UK regularly use Gatekeeper as their trusted crop management tool. This new update will let those users who operate CLAAS machinery – and their TELEMATICS software – to wirelessly transmit data sets between CLAAS and Gatekeeper seamlessly and instantly.

“Previously, farmers may have been downloading their collected field data onto USB storage or downloading data from the TELEMATICS website,” says Andrew Wolff, product manager at Farmplan. “This update completely removes the need for all those extra steps, freeing up time on the farm while ensuring all your data is immediately accessible, preserved, and secure.”

This functionality allows a seamless experience for farmers that use both Gatekeeper and CLAAS machinery as part of their daily workflow. At the touch of a button, all relevant data can be accessed and managed. Integration also ensures that all data sets are refined and ready for use to ensure minimal admin and more practical usage on the farm.

“In many ways, farming has become more disparate,” says Andrew. “For example, if there’s a lot of contracting taking place, a farmer might not have their usual immediate insight into what’s going on with each field. This update removes that barrier. The closer level of integration lets you know the exact situation on your farm at any time.”

The new update will also provide greater support for precision farming. Users can instantly upload their Gatekeeper boundaries straight to CLAAS TELEMATICS – vital for the UK, where boundaries can change yearly in line with stewardship schemes and other circumstances. 

“Essentially, we allow your data to move along a two-way street,” says Mr Wolff. “Every year, you can upload your crop area boundaries and the data is adjusted accordingly. This upgrade brings those two silos of data into one.” 

“The direct link between CLAAS TELEMATICS and Gatekeeper will save a huge amount of time for our customers,” says Edward Miller, UK Product Manager at CLAAS. “Being able to synchronise data with a few clicks could not be easier.”

The update is now available for download, allowing farmers to utilise and leverage their data more effectively through greater integration. “It’s the best of both worlds for Gatekeeper and CLAAS TELEMATICS users,” adds Mr Wolff. “The new update will support agile and effective work while helping to create a more integrated farming world for everyone.” 

The new Gatekeeper/CLAAS integration update is available to download now. Visit to learn more.

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