Farmplan: Gatekeeper now integrates with Fieldview

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Farmplan, agricultural software specialists, has announced that users of its Gatekeeper crop management system can now access the data collection and analysis capabilities of Climate FieldView, the digital farming platform from Bayer. The integration, which will allow farmers to streamline their daily work and improve on-farm decision-making, is now live.

“This integration will make a huge difference for many farms,” says Piers Costley, Managing Director at Farmplan. “We’re aware that growers want to use cutting-edge precision farming and crop optimisation to make the most of their data. The opportunity to integrate these solutions – and do so seamlessly – is an exciting prospect indeed.”

Trusted tool

Farmers, growers, agronomists, and advisors across the UK regularly use Gatekeeper as their trusted crop management tool. This new update lets those users who also utilise FieldView to collect real-time planting, application, and harvest data from their machinery and instantly sync this between the two systems.

“The first step for each farmer was the ability to download and import boundaries into FieldView from Gatekeeper,” says Daniel Pereira, Climate Business Lead EMEA. “Now, it’s more streamlined and straightforward than ever to pull your data across. For growers, this means all your data can talk to each other, saving the need for double entry or managing multiple systems.”

While this will naturally benefit growers in terms of everyday operation and resource management, the integration also aids productivity and profitability on the farm. FieldView grants visibility and access to real-time data, including yields and moisture levels, at any particular moment to assist with short-term decision-making. By feeding that data into Gatekeeper, it becomes possible to make even better decisions and planning over the long term.

Time savings

Shropshire farmer Andrew Williamson expects the convenience from the integration of both platforms will deliver significant time savings: “At the moment, planted and applied data collected in FieldView has to be manually imputed into Gatekeeper. The syncing of FieldView with Gatekeeper eliminates this, freeing me for other tasks.”

The seamless transfer of field application data – such as product applied, rate and date – also eases compliance and stock control requirements.

“What’s been missing from the plentiful data we now have on farm is the convenience of interconnectivity between platforms and systems,” says Andrew. “The integration resolves much of that and is something I’m bound to benefit from.”

“Ultimately, the right tools for your farm are the ones that are right for your business,” says Piers. “That’s why we are dedicated to ensuring Gatekeeper not only offers exceptional functionality but can also effortlessly partner with other systems. You can use your preferred service whilst knowing that your crop records are looked after through Gatekeeper.”

Farmers looking to join Gatekeeper or supplement their licence can now take advantage of an accessible route that supports them in doing so by contacting Farmplan. “It’s the perfect way to celebrate this new partnership,” says Piers. “Growers can easily get on board straight away and really start pushing ahead.”

The option to connect is now live for all farmers seeking to unearth greater value and a more efficient workflow through greater integration. “Ultimately, you can make more valuable decisions about your cropping and – looking at the bigger picture – your overall farming strategy,” adds Piers. “The new integration supports more effective work while removing common stresses and time-consuming administration. It’s a perfect way to take your business forward and make precision farming accessible.”

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