CF Fertilisers launches new website technical hub to guide customers’ fertiliser choice

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A new technical hub providing rapid access to the latest thinking on best fertiliser practice and a range of interactive tools to help growers with individual fertiliser product choice and application rates are key features of CF Fertiliser’s newly revamped website.

Visitors can find advice on how to maximise crop returns through identifying the correct application rate using N-Min, improve protein levels in quality wheats using Sulphur and boost yields with P and K as part of spring applied NPKS compounds, says the company’s marketing communications manager Stephanie Dean.

“The home page has been designed specifically to help visitors move directly to what they are interested in and showcase the most commonly used areas of the site based on topical issues and the time of year.

“The technical hub itself provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for growers featuring the latest research and practical advice on cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally-sensitive fertiliser use in both arable and grassland situations.”

Another new concept is the manufacturing area of the website to show how the company’s British-made fertilisers are produced following the journey of a prill from atmospheric Nitrogen to the final finished fertiliser on the lorry destined for the farm.

“Our whole workforce is very proud of the provenance, skill and craftsmanship that goes into producing every high quality blue bag of fertiliser and we want to share that with our customers.

“For example over the last seven years we’ve reduced the carbon footprint of Nitram by 40% and every CF fertiliser product carries a full carbon footprint certified by the Carbon Trust.

“Ongoing investment in manufacturing consistency has ensured they offer superior performance with the very latest spreading technology.”

Other areas of the new website include full details of every CF product made and fertiliser product selection feature so all information provided is fine-tuned for a specific enterprise.

The new site is the result of a strategic review of web traffic and analytics together with customer research into what growers would find most useful, Stephanie Dean says.

“Ease of use on both mobile / handhelds in the field and desktops in the farm office came high up the list as did help with identifying the best fertiliser types and their use based on individual circumstances.

“As such, we’ve aimed for a balance of easy to understand advisory information alongside a variety of calculators, informative videos, such as safe storage and handling, product selection tools and technical search facilities.”

Visitors can also sign up for the CF newsletter and receive details of upcoming events.

The new CF Fertilisers site can be viewed at

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