ICL to launch single fertilizer range

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Leading fertilizer manufacturer and distributor, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, is launching a new complete portfolio of single source, water-soluble fertilizers to the UK agricultural market this summer, and strengthening the range will be two completely unique products.

ICL agronomists recognise that soils, crops and climates are unique and all fields and crops will have different nutritional needs. The Nova portfolio will include 11 products, offering a comprehensive solution to fertilizer requirements, which is also backed by technical support.

“All ICL single water-soluble fertilizers will be derived from an unrivalled quality source and are highly concentrated. It’s going to be a broad range and all Singles will be pure and fully soluble. We offer consistent quality,” says Tal Bugatos, straights business director for ICL.

“We’re really excited about two completely exclusive products to the Nova range, that will offer growers numerous crop benefits,” explains Tal.

“Nova Pekacid 0-60-20 is ICL’S patented water-soluble PK fertilizer Low PH (2.2) and is ideal for open field and soil-less crops.  Growers will be able to use it successfully in hard water conditions,” he says.

“The product will acidify the soil, which increases the availability and uptake of phosphorus and micronutrients. It will also provide acidity to neutralize and dissolve bicarbonates, avoiding the problem of scaling and clogging of drippers in irrigation systems.

This pure fertilizer will be sodium and chloride free and extremely soluble at 670g/l. It’s going to be non-dangerous, non-corrosive, and won’t pose a risk to the operator, like alternative products can,” says Tal.

Also, completely unique to ICL, will be MagPhos 0-55-18+7MgO, offering all three essential nutrients – magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, in one bag. “The uniqueness will lie in the fact that the product will have a high-level of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, while still being slightly acidic, with a PH of 3.5,” adds Tal.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers offers a range of specialty products that includes innovative technologies such as controlled and slow release fertilizers and a leading range of soluble’s for the specialty agricultural market.


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