Omex celebrates 45 years of UK and global business success

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The Omex Group is celebrating 45 years of serving a growing world population with sustainable food, energy and water. It has become a dynamic group of companies specialising in complex liquid formulations for use in industries ranging from agriculture to energy.

Omex develop, manufacture and supply liquid suspension, solution and speciality plant nutrient fertilisers, a range of products for biogas plants, wastewater treatment solutions and deicers.

The organisation started supplying UK growers with suspension fertiliser from its site at Bardney, Lincolnshire in 1976. It has now become the country’s largest manufacturer of liquid fertilisers and operates in over 85 countries with offices globally.

It was in 1976 when the group purchased the Calor site at Bardney and built its first suspension fertiliser UK manufacturing plant in Lincolnshire. To facilitate a significant increase in product demand throughout East Anglia and the eastern seaboard, a second manufacturing facility was built in Kings Lynn, Norfolk in 1984. By 1990 Omex were supplying over 100,000 tonnes of bespoke liquid fertiliser to the UK market.

The beginning of the 90’s saw the launch of Omex Environmental, which develops bio-available micronutrient supplements to maximise the efficiency of biogas plants and anaerobic digesters. It also develops and markets a range of nutrients and neutralisers for all types of wastewater treatment and deicing agents for roads, runways and footpaths.

This was followed by the launch of Omex Agrifluids in 1994, which is a world leader in the formulation and manufacture of innovative plant nutrient fertilisers, with markets in more than 85 countries.

In 2005 the organisation launched its horticultural division Omex Horticulture, which offers a complete nutrition and advisory service to UK growers in the soft fruit, top fruit, ornamental, protected salads and turf and amenity sectors.

The rapid growth of the company, which by 2007 reached a milestone of 100 employees, needed new facilities for product development, manufacturing and storage. The purchase of a second site near to its Kings Lynn facility followed.

The increased demand for liquid fertiliser in the UK over the last decade, has seen Omex significantly increase its own liquid fertiliser storage and distribution capacity with the purchase of its site at the Port of Ipswich in 2011 and then at the Port of Dundee in 2018.

Omex continue to grow, providing innovative products and services to feed and power a sustainable planet.

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