Omex commit to helping farmers reduce ammonia emissions

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Defra has announced new rules on ammonia mitigation for urea fertilisers, which include the use of liquid UAN fertilisers. The new ruling means that from 2024, unless mitigation measures are implemented, any fertiliser containing urea such as UAN, excluding urea solutions for foliar applications, applied after the 1st April must include a urease inhibitor.

OMEX’s research and development team have been working to establish the most efficient and effective form of inhibitor to provide its customers with maximum protection for their nitrogen applications and to negate ammonia losses into the atmosphere, ahead of the Defra ruling.

Launching own urease inhibitor

Later this year, the global fertiliser company is planning to launch its own urease inhibitor, which can be tank-mixed with liquid nitrogen fertilisers if required, once a final year of testing has been completed. The latest product will appear alongside its range of sustainable crop nutrition products available to farmers.

“We’ve vigorously tested this product before bringing it to market,” says OMEX technical development manager David Booty. “The process of ‘Growing with OMEX’ is science based and science led, meaning the customer will see a real benefit from any of the products OMEX offer.

“Trials have shown that the potential for ammonia loss from liquid UAN is typically much less than half of that from solid urea,” he says. “Trials are also demonstrating that the use of OMEX’s inhibitor, in high volatilization risk situations, can further reduce these losses by more than 70%.”

OMEX employs a team of FACTS qualified advisors operating throughout the UK, who will be able to guide farmers on the new Defra ruling to ensure they are operating sustainably, whilst conforming to the new requirements.

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