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Britain’s farmers, concerned about adequate supplies of sulphur for crops in the coming season, should consider switching to British-produced Polysulphate products, says ICL Fertilizers – which distributes PolysulphateTM from its mine in North Yorkshire.

“Farmers we met at CropTec were clearly concerned about the availability of various plant nutrients, including sulphur,” said Richard Ward, technical sales manager for ICL UK. 

“Sulphur is now regarded as the fourth major nutrient – as essential as N, P and K for arable and forage crops. It is certainly vital to optimise yield and the value of nitrogen applied to plants.” 

Since 2012, ICL has been mining polyhalite from Boulby mine and its popularity is growing. This naturally-occurring mineral, sold under the brand name Polysulphate, is rich in vital plant nutrients including potassium, sulphur, calcium and magnesium.  

As a natural product, a key benefit of Polysulphate over competitive products is the prolonged release of its nutrients. This pattern of release is more closely matched to the crop’s uptake. Being a natural mineral, it is also approved for organic production. 

“We are delighted with the support and feedback we have received from UK farmers and sales continue to grow,” said Mr Ward.  “As a natural UK resource with a low carbon footprint, Polysulphate is ideally positioned to meet both the increasing demand for crop production and help farmers looking to meet environmental targets.”   

Polysulphate can be applied alone or incorporated into quality blended fertilisers. It is also the base for a range of other fertiliser products including ICL-PotashpluSTM and ICL-PKpluSTM.


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