HELM AG invests in Unium Bioscience Ltd

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Helm AG (“HELM”) and Unium Bioscience Ltd (“Unium”) have expanded their recently announced strategic partnership with HELM becoming a shareholder in Unium, effective as of now.

Joining forces will further combine skills, resources and pipeline development to accelerate bringing sustainable solutions to market. The ability to develop plant physiology, biological and nutrient solutions for farmers and growers is a key strategic direction and this partnership will enrich Unium´s and HELM AG´s future portfolios.

Shared values

John Haywood

Both companies share the same company values in addressing future global food and feed supply based on modern sustainable products. Both companies are convinced that being able to offer a scientifically proven portfolio answering specific grower needs in a systemic approach will be the future of resource efficient plant production. The shareholding of HELM AG will unlock further growth potential as well in terms of market reach. The Unium products will be marketed through the established routes to market of both companies. Unium and HELM will work closely to bring fully researched products to market, based on geography or expertise.

Michael Kuhlmann, executive vice president Crop Protection at HELM outlines the  importance of developing long-term partnerships and accessing new technologies: “We have always valued working with innovative companies. In the past we mostly focused on classic plant protection. Now is the time to invest equally in alternative solutions.”

John Haywood of Unium says: “HELM is a perfect match to grow our footprint of products into new markets. Unium tools have a proven performance to help farmers in their efficiency and growing crops towards their full genetical yield potential. Combining tools with HELM will create synergies, addressing future global supply needs and will bring value to the market, distributors and farmers”.

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