Infrastructure grant supports bagging slurry

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DEFRA has announced the first round of ‘slurry infrastructure grants’ will be open for applications from December 6th 2022 to January 31st 2023. The application window will enable farms needing to extend slurry storage to meet the six-month storage target and gain up to 50% towards new storage equipment.

The grants are primarily aimed at reducing the impact of slurry emissions and agriculture’s contribution to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Advocated by DEFRA are bag tanks which will be supported by grant funding and offer a complete solution to storing, agitating and managing slurry. 

Slurry specialist Tramspread has been installing bag tanks for 20 years and has welcomed DEFRA’s support for the technology. Tramspread’s John Tydeman says: “Depending on location, bag tanks can often be installed without planning permission. The tanks sit low to the ground, have capacities up to 7500m³, feature integral stirrers and suction/delivery pipes. We import and install Albers Alligator bag tanks which only need groundworks similar to a shallow lagoon with sloping sides and base. This design enables the bag tank to be easily filled and fully emptied at any time.”

Above ground storage

The grants will also cover the installation of above ground storage such as steel and stainless steel tanks. These offer farms, with less space close to livestock housing, the opportunity to increase slurry storage and in some cases incrementally add to the size of the tank.

“Stallkamp tanks can be extended using additional stainless steel rings. A more cost- effective option is the Agritank. Both are covered by the slurry infrastructure grant. However, unlike a bag tank, both will require planning permission,” adds Mr Tydeman.

To qualify for funding, all storage tanks must have an impermeable cover which will add to the cost of steel tanks that require a textile or floating cover.

“Textile covers can be costly whereas a floating solution like Hexa-Cover will be considerably cheaper. Whilst floating tile covers are not covered by the grants, it may still be a cheaper option for some farms,” he says.

The grant will also fund items necessary for the basic functioning of new or expanded slurry stores, such as reception pits, slurry pumps and agitators. A fixed contribution towards the cost of slurry storage will be calculated using DEFRA’s standard costings which see £19.27 per m³ contributed for a bag tank with liner and £31.50 per m³ for a steel tank.

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