Irish farmers gain BlueN nutrient efficiency biostimulant from Corteva Agriscience

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Farmers in Ireland can now access a brand new nutrient efficiency biostimulant from Corteva Agriscience which can help maximise plant growth potential while reducing reliance on artificial fertiliser.

BlueNTM has been launched today in Ireland by Corteva Agriscience in a move which further enhances the company’s biologicals portfolio.

The innovative, natural-origin biostimulant enables plants to fix nitrogen from the air and makes it available to the plant, providing an alternative nitrogen source and potentially reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fertiliser use.

BlueN is the first product to be made available to Irish farmers following a development collaboration with biological leader Symborg – an innovative company which Corteva announced it was acquiring in September 2022.

Clare Stapley, Biostimulants product manager for Corteva UK & Ireland, said: “Most arable farms in Ireland will be looking at ways to reduce their fertiliser inputs.

“Being able to do this by using biostimulant products such as BlueN not only delivers environmental and cost-saving benefits, it also offers some shelter from the immense volatility arable farmers have seen on the fertiliser markets in the past 12 months.

“BlueN is based on the endophytic bacteria Methylobacterium symbioticum, which works by converting atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium in the plant. This provides the plant with a reliable source of nitrogen throughout the entire crop cycle in an effective and controlled way.”

BlueN enters the plant through the leaves in its initial stages of development and quickly colonises the crop’s phyllosphere.

It then converts nitrogen from the air into ammonium, directly and constantly metabolising it into amino acids throughout the growing season.

Sustainability goals

The product’s launch reinforces Corteva’s offer to improve sustainable nitrogen efficiency and availability, enhancing yield potential and sustainability, in line with the company’s 2030 Sustainability Goals.

On 30 November Corteva announced an agreement to acquire Stoller Group, one of the largest independent biological companies in the industry.

The $1.2bn (€1.14bn) deal reinforces the company’s commitment to driving value for farmers through innovative, sustainable solutions.

The Biologicals market is expected to grow to high-single digits annually through 2035 representing approximately 25% of the overall crop protection market by 2035. In just three years, Corteva has developed a world-class Biologicals business by implementing smart, nimble strategies built around external and internal innovation, research and development collaborations, licensing and distribution agreements and acquisitions.

“This is another step forward for Corteva’s expanding global biologicals portfolio, which is dedicated to developing biostimulants, biocontrol and pheromone products with proven, predictable performance,” Clare said.

BlueN will be available to Irish growers in 2023 through crop protection product distribution specialists Terrachem.

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