Lower N prices an opportunity for crop boost

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Wynnstay is advising growers to invest in crop nutrition while prices are favourable to counteract leaching over the wet winter.

Hefin Llwyd, forage and arable specialist, says that crops need a helping hand, especially in areas where mildew and septoria are being reported.

“Now it is about farmers taking a firefighting approach to crop protection and ensuring crops have the correct nutrition to prevent any further losses,” he says.

“Less spring crops than usual have been sown; it’s been quite sporadic, which makes it even more essential to make the most of those crops that did get going in the autumn. A lot of nutrition has been leached from the soils during the wet weather. Nitrates and sulphur are very leachable, which is why we see some sick, yellow-looking crops.”

He recommends CF Fertilisers’ Nitram, which provides ammonium nitrate, as well as checking sulphur levels.

“Soil testing and having a nutrient management plan in place means farmers can tailor and target their fertiliser usage better. Under the Clean Air Strategy 2019, farmers shouldn’t apply urea after 1 April unless a urease inhibitor is added. That means blue bag Nitram is the go-to product,” he adds.

Growers will be pleased to hear that Nitram is expected to drop below £200 per tonne for the first time since 2018. “Prices are now returning to some normality, and farmers can return to storing some product for next year,” she says.

“Nitram, unlike other products, is the only British-made product of its kind and, as well as being a standout and well-trusted product, it is at a price point that is affordable for farmers to use.”

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