Multiple formulations with new liquid fertiliser range

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A new specialised and premium quality NPKS liquid fertiliser range has been launched by OMEX Agriculture. The company claims its new Multiflo NPKS liquid fertiliser range has been technically engineered to boost yield and quality whilst reducing fertiliser inputs.

“The Multiflo range of grades includes NP’s, NK’s and NPK’s, which are all available with sulphur for enhanced efficiency,” says OMEX commercial director, Rob Burton. “The range offers accurate, easy application in all seasons, with a choice of formulations for precision nutrition to work in multiple farming systems.

“UK farmers are already familiar with our Nitroflo range of liquid nitrogen fertilisers, and we are confident that the NPKS Multiflo range will bring additional agronomic and economic benefits throughout a crop’s lifecycle.”

OMEX technical development manager David Booty adds that phosphate is a key constituent in getting crops off to the best start possible.

“Phosphate plays a pivotal role in boosting root development – essential during the early stages of crop establishment – which in turn drives plant health and ultimately yield and quality. Unlike traditional granular forms of P, Multiflo is 100% water soluble, which is significantly higher than any alternative in the marketplace currently, meaning it’s instantly available for crop growth.

“Numerous OMEX and independent trials have shown the agronomic benefit of applying OMEX liquid fertiliser products over an equivalent granular option. The quality of materials within Multiflo has enabled farmers to maximise gross margin by boosting crop yield and quality,” he says. “Where Multiflo was applied on a seedbed potato trial a £138/ha benefit was recorded and in a salad potato trial, a 6t/ha yield increase.”

The Multiflo range of liquid fertilisers also offers practical solutions to many daily challenges faced by farmers. For example, application is a one-person operation and it offers an easy handling option for the operator, with no heavy bag lifting or cutting issues and no storage or bag disposal challenges.

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