Multisite mancozeb under threat after HSE review

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Multisite fungicide mancozeb is expected to be withdrawn after a review by the HSE.

Under Article 21 of retained Regulation (EC) 1107/2009, HSE has reviewed the approval of mancozeb and concluded that mancozeb does not meet the approval criteria and HSE therefore proposes to withdraw the approval of mancozeb in Great Britain.

The regulation allows the HSE to initiate a review of any aspect of the approval of an active substance at any point in light of new scientific information which indicates that it may no longer satisfy the criteria for approval. This review considered the evidence for continuing approval of mancozeb, including supporting data submitted by UPL Europe Ltd and Indofil Industries (Netherlands) BV (being the EU Mancozeb Task Force).

With the current approval set to expire on 31st January of this year an interim extension of 3 months is likely, although this is to be confirmed.

Withdrawal periods for approved products containing mancozeb are also still to be confirmed. UPL Europe Ltd and Indofil Industries (Netherlands) BV will advise customers as soon as this information is available.

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