New manure and slurry conditioner protects key elements to improve efficiency

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A new manure and slurry conditioner has been launched by Timac Agro UK, which will preserve nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and sulphur in both manure (FYM) and slurry, maximising its fertiliser potential.

Available now, ActiPost 360 is a powder conditioner that can be used on ruminant, pig and poultry slurries and solid manures to enhance the nutrient profile.

“The benefits of manure are two-fold,” explains Matthew Bell, Timac Agro UK’s regional manager. “Compared to artificial fertilisers not only is it very cost effective, but manure also harnesses a wealth of nutrition that can be put back into the soil to strengthen microbial activity.

“ActiPost 360, is an exciting innovation for the industry, as it further enhances the natural properties of your muck,” explains Mr Bell. He adds that following an application of the manure conditioner, nitrogen retention can be improved by 27% and phosphorous by 33%.

Combination of microorganisms

He explains that ActiPost 360 is a combination of microorganisms, brown algae, and marine calcium which work together to activate the composting process in both manure and slurry while capturing ammonium to reduce losses and odours. 

“Manure is the most economic fertiliser available to farmers. We produce 48 million tonnes in the UK, that’s 30 times more than the amount of fertiliser sold, so by improving its nutrient profile by using ActiPost 360, there’s a business case to reduce the use of artificial fertilisers.” 

Mr Bell adds that with 68% of farmers acknowledging that greenhouse gases are a fairly or very important consideration when making decisions on the farm, improving the efficiency of manure management and application is a huge opportunity. 

“ActiPost 360 also helps to neutralise the greenhouse gases released from manure and slurry by reducing the amount of noxious emissions and binding them into a beneficial form.”

He adds that the application of the manure conditioner is straightforward. “When treating bedding, ActiPost 360 can be applied directly in the shed just before mucking out. Alternatively, it can be applied on to slats or direct to the pit to treat slurry.”

“ActiPost 360 is available through distribution, and the Timac Agro UK team are on-hand for further technical advice about making the most of your manure,” Mr Bell concludes.

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