New oilseed rape variety from DSV

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DSV’s new Duplo oilseed rape has the highest vigour rating of all the company’s new triple layered varieties combining exceptional yields with a feature set designed to protect gross outputs against the challenges of modern-day production, says the company’s Sarah Hawthorne.

Added to the AHDB Candidate List for 2021, DSV Duplo features an oil content of 46.8% and a yield of 109% for the East and West region plus RLM7+ multi-gene phoma stem canker resistance, turnip yellow virus (TUYV) resistance and pod shatter resistance, she says.

“A direct result of our breeding policy following the Neonicotinoid ban and the need to move towards less intensive and more environmentally-friendly production methods, DSV Duplo is a strong, high yielding variety suitable for all areas of the UK.

“It’s the perfect variety for modern production with real ‘get up and go’ in both the autumn and spring for the strongest competition against weed and pest threats, allied to an unbeatable agronomic package and yield potential.

“It’s proved itself to be a very robust variety in all conditions across Europe and is a first choice for growers in less than ideal growing circumstances.

“As well as its high yield and oil content, DSV Duplo’s other stand out figures include a 9 for stem canker resistance and 8s for lodging resistance and stem stiffness.”

DSV Duplo has also performed exceptionally well in DSV’s new non-inversion tillage trials, Sarah Hawthorne adds.

“These trials, which also include no-till, aim to identify varieties that produce strong establishment, exceptional performance and consistent gross output delivery in reduced cultivation systems and Duplo has more than proved itself in these.

“The variety has also been bred for maximum N-efficiency delivering the highest possible response to Nitrogen fertilisers so every kg N applied works as hard as possible to produce yield with minimum waste.”



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