New spring oat varieties pushing shift in the market

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The oat market is seeing a shift, with more farmers planting spring oats to spread labour and workloads, control blackgrass, and provide a good break crop option.

Merlin produces high yielding, high-quality oats when grown either conventionally or organically. It has the lowest screening losses of any spring oat variety, outstanding disease resistance, including an 8 for mildew, and is early to mature. 

According to Gemma Clarke at Cope Seeds and Grain, the UK agents of the new variety, Merlin  is a standout oat for UK farmers and millers. “Merlin spring oat is suited to all regions in the UK and because of its early maturity, it will do well in wetter climates and the north of the country, where maturity is vital. It delivers consistency and quality to millers, due to its high specific weight and high kernel content and it has the lowest screening losses of any oat variety on the RL.”

“Merlin is one of the highest yielding oat varieties on the RL and performs exceptionally well when grown organically or conventionally with good standing ability. 

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