New urea fertiliser rule guidance at Lamma

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From the 1st of April 2024, growers wishing to spread urea-based fertilisers will need to use products coated in urease inhibitors to minimise ammonia losses. Dubbed Option 4, the primary aim of this rule is to retain access to urea for UK farmers.

To help customers understand these new rules, Origin Fertilisers will focus on protected urea options and the financial and environmental benefits compared with applying straight urea.

Mandy McAulay, marketing manager at Origin Fertilisers, said that understanding the requirements before buying will be essential for nutrition plans. “Although the change may be seen by some as further red tape, growers should be looking at it as a chance to explore different fertiliser options, and applying a protected urea, that is treated with a urease inhibitor, can increase fertiliser efficiency over urea, spread accurately to 32m, and offer comparable returns to ammonium nitrate (AN).”

Origin’s team of in-house nutrition agronomists will be on the stand to give advice on the company’s Origin Enhanced Nitrogen, treated with Nutrisphere, a dual-acting inhibitor which also reduces the risk of nitrates leaching into watercourses.

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