Realtime Data Capture Now Available For Any Combine

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The benefit of realtime harvest data capture is now available to all farmers with the launch of the FieldView Yield Kit.

FieldView Yield Kit is an aftersales accessory suitable for all combines regardless of make, model or age. The unit takes approximately 3 hours to install and comes complete with yield and moisture sensors, GPS dome and all brackets and wiring harnesses. When fitted and connected to the FieldView Drive instant yield, moisture and combine progress through the field is available.

Until now instant yield data has only been available to those with the latest combine technology, and many alternative aftersales systems don’t facilitate realtime data sharing. Bayer’s Max Dafforn says it will allow growers to begin the journey to precision farming. “For many, the first step in precision farming is the collection of good quality yield data but a barrier can be the type, age or model of the combine. FieldView Yield Kit makes yield data instantly accessible to all and allows farmers to begin their digital ag journey without having to invest in new equipment.”

Refine agronomic decisions

Mr Dafforn says farmers could be using data to refine agronomic decisions in time for next season. “Many farmers have ample yield data but accessing it can be time consuming, meaning decisions cannot be made in time for the following season. With the FieldView Yield Kit data can be accessed realtime if need be, giving growers immediate insight into field and varietal performance as the combine is in operation.”

Mr Dafforn points out that a number of UK farmers have already done just that – using realtime insight to refine agronomic strategies in time for the following season. In addition to the Yield Kit growers will need the FieldView Drive and a mid-range iPad but he believes the payback could be extremely quick. “We’ve seen growers make almost instant decisions on variety choices for the following season. Also, it clearly highlights variation in field performance allowing growers the time to evaluate potential problems and take remedial action. With grain prices where they are you only need to see a small uplift in field performance to generate a significant return,” he says.

He accepts that some might see installing the Yield Kit and setting up the FieldView Drive as complicated and time consuming but he assures it isn’t. “We have a video tutorial for the Yield Kit installation and once connected to the FieldView Drive, viewing the yield data is simply a case of pairing an iPad via a Bluetooth connection, which can be a ‘no-frills’ model.” 

He also points out recent collaborations with Omnia and Gatekeeper which bring added value to the FieldView platform.

Bayer expands FieldView technical support team

For those needing help with FieldView or Yield Kit installation Bayer has added more resource to its support team with the appointment of FACTS and Basis trained farmer Ellie Borthwick-North.

Ms  Borthwick-North has used FieldView on farm for three years and knows the platform well. She believes digital data has a key role in farming’s future. “With the loss of the BPS many farmers will need to seek out further improvements in field performance. But no two farms are the same so how this is achieved will vary from farm to farm.    

“What FieldView offers is the ability to capture extensive field data and evaluate efficiently, vital with the size of many farm enterprises these days,” she notes.

Ms  Borthwick-North says growers shouldn’t be reluctant to come forward and seek help. “We made good use of FieldView in evaluating the agronomic strategies that worked best for us. My experience with the programme will allow others to do the same,” she concludes.

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