Cawood acquires IAS Laboratories

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Cawood, the UK’s largest provider of analytical laboratory testing services for the land-based industries, has announced another acquisition, the agricultural and environmental testing laboratory, IAS Laboratories.

“Both Cawood and our new parent company, Ensign-Bickford Industries, are looking forward to helping David and the team grow the business within Ireland,” continued Mr Parrington: “IAS and its customers will also benefit some of our recent innovative projects, developed by NRM following consultations with industry experts, customers, and government advisors. Services like CarbonCheck for measuring soil carbon, GrainCheck for determining grain nutrient offtake, and N-Check for measuring soil mineral nitrogen, are three packages designed to help farmers and advisors optimise crop production and benchmark soil health. So, this acquisition fits perfectly with our strategy of extending our capacity to help customers meet their goals and support a safer, healthier planet.”

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