RGT Grouse – the next step in BYDV resistant wheat

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The next generation of BYDV resistant wheats comes a step closer to market following the promotion of RGT Grouse to the AHDB Candidate list 2023.

RGT Grouse is a Group 4 hard variety on a Santiago genetic background, with good yield potential and disease resistance.

It is the latest in the pipeline of RAGT Seeds’ ground-breaking Genserus BYDV-resistant varieties and has the added benefit of resistance to orange wheat blossom midge.

“This is the first of several varieties coming through with this double resistance, enabling many growers to produce insecticide-free wheat, which has obvious attractions within all markets,” says RAGT’s cereal and OSR product manager Tom Dummett.

“RGT Grouse is a slower developing type, so is highly suited to earlier sowings when the risk of BYDV is at its highest,” he adds.

“It is a good-looking wheat with a prostrate autumn and winter growth and high tillering capacity, as well as excellent tiller retention that lends itself to a denser canopy.

“Ear fertility is good, with an outstanding bright finish.”

Fast-tracked seed production

Anticipating keen demand for the variety, RAGT has fast-tracked seed production, so significant quantities of commercial seed will be available for autumn 2023, when the variety will be up for full recommendation.

“RAGT is the first company to introduce the BYDV resistance trait into a commercial wheat line in Europe,” says Tom. “The resistance trait offers protection from the day the wheat is planted to the day it is harvested, for less than the cost of a single pyrethroid spray.

“It greatly simplifies crop management, removing the need to monitor and control aphid populations with foliar-applied insecticide sprays while benefiting the environment.”

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