Strong showing for Elsoms varieties on 2022 Descriptive List for pulses

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A combination of high fertiliser prices, reduced nitrogen availability and market speculation on energy values backed by a proven agronomic reputation for being one of the best entries for first wheats, all point towards a positive year for pulses says Jack Holgate, Break Crop and Cover Crop manager for Independent seed breeder Elsoms Seeds. With three of the top five yielding spring bean varieties on the new 2022 Descriptive List, it has been a remarkable first 12 months for the Spalding based company, now in only their second year within the spring bean sector.

“This is our first year of C2 seed for commercial crop production, so to have 3 of the top 5 yielding varieties in Stella, Capri and Daisy gives us a strong launch pad for 2022. Recent PGRO market reports suggest that beans will attract the attention of UK growers and that makes sense, given that there is currently a healthy export demand driving prices up. With Stella, from breeder Saaten Union, we have an early maturing, consistently high yielding variety that will appeal to the export trade, due to its seed size and suitability for human consumption. Also bred by our partner Saaten Union, and with commercial seed available for the first time, Capri is high yielding and ticks the export boxes.

“On spring peas, we have varieties Mikka, Greenway and Octavia and all present attractive options for growers seeking a good quality, high yielding variety for 2022. At 109% of control, Mikka is a consistently high yielding large blue pea that excelled in 2021 trials. With an 8 for downy mildew resistance and a 7 for harvest standing it has strong agronomic traits.

“Greenway achieved 108% of control in 2021 trials, it’s a tall variety and is already successful throughout Europe. Both Greenway and Mikka have received notable praise from growers on their standing ability at harvest.

“Amongst the marrowfat varieties, Octavia was the highest yielder in this year’s trials. With its high protein content and attractive seed shape it should appeal to premium markets” concludes Mr Holgate.



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